Lesson 5


1.Words to master:

Inquiry - запит

Reply to inquiry - відповідь на запит

Letter of credit (L\C) - акредитив

Invoice - рахунок-фактура

Bill of lading - коносамент

Bill of Exchange (draft) - тратта, перевідний вексель

Letter of insurance - страховка

Explanatory letter - роз’яснювальне письмо

Letter of packing - лист про упаковку

Letter of delivery - лист про доставку

Letter of complaint - рекламація, скарга

Indented line - абзац

Heading - заголовок листа

Salutation - звернення

Subscription - підпис

Recipient – одержувач

Reference - посилання

By warrant - за довіреністю

Enclosure - доповнення, доповнювати

2.Read and translate the text:

Business Correspondence

Structure of a Business Letter

Part I.

Business letters include all kinds of commercial letters, inquiries, replies to inquiries, Letters of Credit, invoices, Bills of Lading (B/L), Bills of exchange of drafts, letters of insurance, explanatory letters, orders, letters of packing, letters of shipment, letters of delivery, offers, letters of complaint, replies to those of mentioned above, etc. A business letter should be as short as possible, intelligible, polite, benevolent and its language must be simple.

A private business letter is written by hand, each paragraph begins with an indented line. But if a letter is sent by an organization it is typed on the form of this organization. In this case it is not necessary to use indented lines.

A letter is composed of the following elements: heading, date, address, salutation text, subscription.

A letter can be typed on the organization’s form. Any form has its letter-head printed typographically. The letter-head bears the name of organization or firm, sending this letter, its address, address for telegrams, telephone, telex, fax. If you do not use the form, write your address (as a sender) on the upper right side of the letter. Ukrainian names of foreign trade organizations are not translated into foreign languages. They are written with Latin letters using English transcription. Your telephone number will be written below.